Tuesday, January 7, 2014



I am an artist who originally studied fashion design and my practice has continued to function ever more increasingly in a fine art context. To date my work has tended to explore the intersections between clothing design and sculpture, through the transgression of traditional forms and universal silhouettes.

In this expanded field I tend to explore the boundaries between subject and object, where garments can be both wearable whilst retaining autonomous agency. To date my work has utilized applied surfaces, such as layered paint and artificial skin as a means to creating almost mechanized bodies that operate within larger mise en scenes or installations. These are fabricated using autographic manual processes such as casting and the layered assembly of liquid latex.

I recently set up the collective HommAges co-directed with Craig Mulholland and produced a collection for the group’s inaugural exhibition Neu Pneumatik! at Glasgow International 2018, funded by The Hope Scott Trust. (Please see supporting PDF). This collection was a development from my second solo exhibition Privy Intimations at Glasgow Project Rooms in March 2018. In both contexts, garments and sculptures became functional on various levels, not only as visual, tactile and wearable pieces, but also as transmitters and receivers of information. These were consecutively ordered across clothing rails, as wearable sculptures to be browsed and potentially relay messages through touch as well as sight. This interfacing between the corporeal body, image and information, negated a purely aesthetic engagement, through the embedded transmission of bio-political information.